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Texting while Driving Facts

Stephen Rampur Feb 29, 2020
This story lists out a few texting while driving facts and statistics that everyone should be aware of. Owing to these, a majority of the governments around the world have banned the use of mobile phones while driving.
The use of mobile phones has certainly enabled us to keep in touch with our dear ones, no matter where we are. However, using them while driving can lead to dangerous or fatal results on the road.
As the trend of texting has gone beyond bounds, there are many youngsters and teenagers who are found texting while driving. One of the most prominent facts is that this activity takes away a major part of the driver's attention from what he is supposed to do primarily.
Texting while driving largely contributes to distracted driving, which consists of three main, really dangerous things:
  • The first thing is that it takes your eyes off the road.
  • Secondly, you may tend to leave the steering wheel, thinking that the car would be steady.
  • The third and most important fact is that it takes the driver's mind away from his primary task of driving with total concentration.
This problem came into the spotlight after some major fatal accidents, publicized by the media.

Texting while Driving Facts and Statistics

• According to a study conducted, teenagers and youngsters are more susceptible to car crashes and fatal road accidents.
• If you are writing or reading text messages, time taken by you to react, in case of emergency, reduces by approximately 35%.
• One of the most surprising facts is that this activity is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.
As per a study by The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, SMSing while driving contributes to a rise in the possibilities of accidents by about 23 times.
As per a research, it has been concluded that texting is more dangerous than actually talking on the phone.
Considering the distraction of the driver, this activity keeps the driver involved in texting for around five seconds, which on a highway means a hundred yards.
A crash can take place in just about 2-3 seconds, with the driver's reaction time being reduced substantially.
Messaging while driving has been related to several major automobile accidents; two of which were of Heather Leigh Hurd on January 3, 2008, and of Danny Oates on August 29, 2007.
As per a survey carried out by AT&T, the statistics of adults texting while driving, in the USA, have been showing an increase in numbers, over the last 3 years.
Around 48% of teenagers agree to the fact that they do text while driving.
About 39 states and the district of Colombia have banned this risky activity, whereas 5 other states have certain laws according to the type of drivers.
The National Safety Council has come to a conclusion that around 28% of car crashes or 1.6 million accidents per year, happen because of the driver SMSing while at the wheel.
A majority of car and truck drivers consider texting while driving dangerous and extremely fatal. Most of the accidents, that take place due to this habit, involve teenagers and those in their twenties. If you anyway want to send, or are expecting an important text message while being behind the wheel, it is recommended to take the car to the road side.
Remember that distracted driving might require you to pay a road safety violation fine, or even cost you your life. The dangers and consequences are being discussed by governments all over the world, which is why they are imposing strict guidelines regarding the same.