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Struggles of Being an Atheist

Shruti Bhat Oct 06, 2020
God, religion, beliefs, and faith are very personal topics of choice and are often followed blindly; mostly because our forefathers believed in them. Atheism challenges such beliefs. Atheists believe that there is no God, therefore no one to blame but themselves, and that fate is man's own doing.

Proclaiming Your Belief

Telling your parents and family that your beliefs are different from theirs could be the hardest thing to do.
The more religious the family is, the higher the chances are that they'll try to talk you out of your atheistic beliefs. They'll try everything in their means to dissuade you and to make you reconsider.
Just Another Phase
Failing to comprehend your atheistic beliefs, you may lose out on some friends and family. At first, they may even consider your atheistic beliefs to be 'just another phase'. While those who choose to stay may take it upon themselves to 'bring you back on track'.

Family and Friends Factor

You need to remember that your choice of being an atheist will be difficult for your family. They may even try their hand at guilt tripping you into going to a place of worship and involve priests, clergymen, reverends, and other holy men, to make you reconsider.
While others will try to introduce you to new doctrines and religions. Preachers will take it upon themselves to 'bring you to salvation'.
Religious Holidays are Difficult Times
As an atheists, religious holidays may become a little tough to handle, as you may not see eye-to-eye with your family.
Friends and colleagues may not understand that you might not believe in god, yet love the ritual of getting together family and loved ones that most festivals or traditions demand. This is also the time when theist will try and convince you about the existence of God.
Mind Tricks
Staunch believers will often blame your failures on your disbelief and lack of faith. While all your gains will automatically get converted to the 'grace of God on an ungrateful soul'.

Atheism Does Not Mean Anti-god

Some people may even misconstrue the difference between atheism and anti-god. Some orthodox followers may even believe you to be 'possessed'.
Parenting Skills
Theist may question your parenting skills, and ask you about how you plan to give your children a 'correct upbringing', or ask you about your reaction on bringing up a theists.
Advocating Atheism
You may even feel that every topic and discussion eventually veers towards an argument about the consequences of atheism.
Chances are that you may often find yourself advocating your atheistic believes, while justifying everything with a logical explanation to the world around you.

Pray For You

After hours of justifying and defending your atheistic beliefs, you may often hear a believer say, "I'll pray for you", "I'll pray for your soul", "don't you want to be in heaven with us?", or "may God bless your soul", etc.
Using idioms like 'thank god' or 'oh my god' are all invitations to a long and exhausting explanation that you meant to say those words as idioms, and that you're not taking His name in vain.


Once people know about your atheistic beliefs, theists find it difficult to look past it, and this often becomes a hurdle.