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Social Security Card Replacement Cost

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Aug 12, 2020
What are the requirements for acquiring a replacement Social Security card? How much does it approximately cost? Find out the answers to all these questions.
Social Security Number, abbreviated as SSN, is a unique nine digit number assigned to every citizen of the United States. This number is also assigned to certain temporary and permanent residents of the country. The number is issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA), an independent agency of the Federal Government.
Earlier, this number was used for taxation purposes. However, in recent times, it has become more of an identity proof. Hence, the social security card that bears this number is of vital importance. If you lose or misplace your card, you ought to apply for a new one without any delay, since misuse of this important document is very much possible.

Why to Get a Replacement?

As mentioned before, SSN serves as a proof of your identity. It is the most reliable evidence of personal information in case of data conflict. For instance, two persons may have the same name and date of birth. In that case, the SSN helps retrieve personal information for each individual.
SSN is often used while maintaining student data, employee files, patient records, health insurance accounts, banking accounts and credit records. Besides, this card entitles a person to avail several social security benefits related retirement, disability, etc. You can also apply for several Federal grants if you have this particular document.

How Much Does it Cost?

You will be delighted to know that the cost of replacing a social security card is zero! The local office of SSA issues a replacement card for free. However, there is a limit on the number of times you can get it replaced for free. You can only avail a replacement card three times a year, and not more than 10 times in your entire lifetime.
The entire cost for replacing the card is borne by the issuing office of SSA. However, individuals are required to fulfill certain requirements before they become eligible for a replacement.

How to Apply?

Before you apply for a card replacement, notifying the concerned authorities regarding the loss of original card is vital. If your card is stolen, then you must inform the banks, credit companies as well as Federal authorities regarding the theft, so that misuse of your card can be prevented. Also, inform them that you are in process of acquiring a new card.
The process of applying for a replacement card is very simple. You first need to download and fill an application form for the card. This form is available as 'Form SS-5' on the official website of SSA. Read these instructions carefully prior to filling the form.
Next, locate an SSA office in your own locality. This can be done by entering the zip code of your area on the web page, which then leads you to the page with the detailed address of the local SSA office.
Before you submit the form at the local office, you will be required to gather certain documents which will establish your identity and other credentials. The documents required for the proof of citizenship include:
➜ US birth certificate
➜ US Passport
➜ US Consular Report of Birth
➜ Certificate of Citizenship
➜ Certificate of Naturalization
Documents required for identity proof include: 
➜ US passport
➜ US Driver's license
➜ A state issued ID card
Non US citizens also need to carry documents of immigration.
Thus, a social security card is something you cannot afford to lose. And if it is lost, make sure you notify all concerned parties and apply for a new one right away.