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Should Cell Phones be Banned while Driving?

Veethi Telang Mar 1, 2020
Should cell phones really be banned while driving? Yes. No. Maybe. And so the disagreeing begins.
Nope. You simply do not get it. Your jaw broke the last time you were talking on phone while driving. You were hospitalized, making your parents more than anxious. You dreaded driving, but not for long. Once again, you're alive and kickin', on the verge of committing the same mistake again. You know, the truth is, banning the use of cell phones while driving may not prove to be immensely useful―how many of us, in reality, consider driving safety over traffic police mulcts?
It wouldn't come as a surprise to me if the survey poll represents 90% of the hands raised for the latter. But then, think of it. When one becomes a licensed driver, isn't he or she trusted enough to drive safely even whilst distractions surface? Why ban cell phones for those who are adept at driving proficiently? It's hard-hitting, though, that accidents, sometimes deaths, do happen.
The misery of deaths on the spot, critical accidents, and even the minutest of distractions while driving, are a subject of eternal debate, for the startling facts straightaway hit your sanity. Debates, as they say, happen over those topics that have a set of pros and cons. The following is what I could think of with regards to this life-threatening discourse.

The Pros

Some questions do not come with blatant answers. This one, for example, in no way, can be answered in a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. The truth, to be precise, is that many responsible drivers are down in the dumps with the government's interference, every now and then, in their activities of phone usage.
They aren't convinced that they are doing something unsafe, and as a result, have a lot of problems with government's ordinances. But then, banning cell phone usage while driving could save them from risking their lives in many instances.
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, one could simply refuse to pick up calls to avoid all kinds of distractions while driving, so that there isn't any room for peril at all. Other than that, research states, cell phones and driving are often associated with cancer. Even though there isn't any confirmation of this fact, cell phone usage is believed to lead to brain tumor and other related diseases.

The Cons

If cell phone usage is banned while driving, those manufacturing Bluetooth headsets and hands-free devices will celebrate! To tell you the truth, zero percent risk while driving is an impossible goal to achieve, for humans are prone to commit mistakes. 
Banning cell phones while driving sounds ridiculous to some, and has equal number of cons, mostly because, there is a necessity for moms to keep track of their kids in case of an emergency.
Moreover, professionals such as doctors and government officials subscribe for cell phone use while driving for their own functionary purposes, wherein, banning cell phones is, indeed, inane.
It might just be astonishing to know that, according to many news reports, calling 911 using cell phones in case of emergencies, has saved many passengers and drivers involved in accidents.
That said, I believe, entertaining or reducing any kind of distraction is upon the driver, and not something to be enforced by the law. That definitely favors keeping cell phone usage intact, I think.
You know, not everyone is an astronaut or a pilot, or in other words, a virtuoso in driving with proper driver education. Naturally, risk factors go up high for us, especially teenagers texting while driving, and thinking of themselves as the coolest souls on the face of the earth.
People may even consider hands-free headsets a source of respite, keeping the risk of accidents at bay, but they should realize that it's not the cell phone that's the enemy; it's the distraction that's a foe. I don't know whether or not this rule should materialize. All I know is, some mistakes, intended or not, don't offer you a second chance.