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Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Ribbon

Neil Valentine D'Silva Oct 19, 2020
The pink ribbon or the breast cancer ribbon has become one of the most symbolic motifs of recent times. And it is all for a noble purpose. Apart from reminding the world that a grave issue such as this medical condition exists around us, the ribbon is also significantly helping in finding an effective treatment for the same.
In these times when we require a sort of symbolism for each and everything that concerns us, the pink ribbon is the most accurate symbol that could be ever made for the extremely sensitive issue of breast cancer in women.
In October, we see these ribbons in their full bloom, proudly adorning the chests of people from all walks of society, and sending out the message about the viciousness of this medical condition and that it is time women took that mammogram test just to make sure.
And, to the little pink ribbon's credit, it has become a very significant contributory force in the treatment. This little single loop of pink has done much more to create the consciousness about the second most deadly form of human cancer than any amount of words could ever achieve.

Know the Pink Ribbon Day

This ribbon is worn in the month of October, as mentioned above, which is the international month for the awareness. In the US, the fourth Monday of October has been designated as the Pink Ribbon Day. This is the day when it is very prominently worn and is complemented with a lot of other activities that are aimed at the awareness of the medical condition.
On this day, there are some educational programs and a sale of materials - the awareness ribbon included - mostly in a bid for fundraising for the several breast cancer awareness endeavors.
Along with awareness fundraising and educational programs, there are sports events, as marathons and walkathons in which the general public are invited to participate.

Wear the Pink Ribbon With Pride

It is more than just a cloth ribbon - it is an awareness ribbon. By wearing it, people are sending out an important message. And that message is - Breast cancer is a killer, but it can be nipped in the bud. So be aware of the devil and fight it as soon as it raises its head.
This is the reason that one must never feel shy of wearing it, and thereby sending the message across.
Guys need not feel that wearing a pink accessory will lower their manliness. On the contrary, one would come across as a sensitive person, who cares for an important social issue and is willing to participate in the fight against it. Celebrities, sportspeople, politicians are wearing it and now it is high time that every person in the street wore the same.
The purpose of the ribbon is to remind women of the potential dangers of this medical condition and make them take preliminary precautions. It reminds them of the need of a self checkup and to take the requisite measures before it is too late.
Even if only one woman who saw this ribbon, was reminded of the need to take a breast cancer test, was diagnosed, and went a long way in her getting the treatment. One can save a life through this simple act, which could give one the biggest accolade there ever was. One should think of the countless women who might be reminded in order to save their lives.

Get the Products

The Pink Ribbon Day is a day of creating the awareness in people across the world. The intention is to let people know that such an affliction exists and to take steps at the right time to prevent the problems from aggravating. And towards the end, a lot of symbolic selling goes on.
This ribbon is not the only thing sold on this day. Several manufacturers come out with a whole range of products that carry the pink ribbon motif.
Chief among them are t-shirts, fridge magnets, pendants and lockets, armbands and headbands, pens, and several other such pieces of memorabilia.
The sale of these products begins from the month of September itself and culminates on this day. Manufacturers promise that a portion of the sales goes towards various awareness programs of the condition. Hence, the selling of the merchandise becomes an important step towards fundraising for the research and treatment of this medical condition.
Products can be ordered through the Internet, and several card shops and gift shops also stock their own merchandise. As The Pink Ribbon Day approaches nearer, one might also find sellers out on the roads itself, and several kiosks vending out memorabilia.
Getting these products from them means that one intents in spreading the message for its awareness and also helping in a very small way to fund their research.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.