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How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

Kundan Pandey Aug 25, 2020
Are your immigration issues giving you nightmares? Hiring a good immigration lawyer is the only way out to ensure that you move to a new country in a hassle free way.
The process of immigration is extremely complex and it requires, in most cases, the assistance of attorneys. Before you move to the US, the US government wants you to complete all the formalities stipulated by the immigration laws and submit all the necessary documents.
One of the main reasons behind strict and complex immigration laws is to control the influx of people with nefarious pursuits and ensure that security of the nation remains unchallenged.
Believe it or not, the same policy is followed by many other nations which definitely creates a lot of hassles for law abiding citizens who want to change their future prospects by immigrating to some other place they think has opportunities for them. Choosing an immigration lawyer can help you in the entire process.

Choosing the Right Immigration Attorney in US Immigration

It is vital to choose an experienced and reputed lawyer to take care of the issues related to your immigration. It is because you don't want to end up facing adverse situations in getting permission to enter in the country, even if you deserve it so, from all angles.
A right lawyer will help you in dealing with all legal and official formalities. Being aware of all the complex laws related to immigration to US, a lawyer will help you in a professional way. You won't get stuck with piles of legal papers and completing all formalities without guidance. Hiring an immigration lawyer must not be done in a hurry.
Follow the below tips to know how to hire an immigration lawyer-
  • His integrity and honesty in making you aware of the rules and laws regarding immigration is also important. If he is encouraging you to lie or go for counterfeit documents, you should forget about hiring that lawyer. You don't want to live in another country, with fake documents. Right?
  • Check the affiliation of the lawyer you are choosing. If he or she is a member of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association (AILA), then it is a good sign. The AILA is, by far, the most reputed network of professional immigration lawyers. If he is there, it means he is in sync with changing dynamics of immigration laws.
  • Communication skills of the lawyer matter a lot. If you are unable to understand or explain the lawyer your case, it can lead to lack of understanding between you both. You must be comfortable with the language of the lawyer.
  • Immigration is strictly federal in nature and there are no specific state laws. So you don't need to go for a state attorney. Choose the best lawyer irrespective of the state, as nowadays, petitions can also be filed online.
  • Credentials, board certifications, accolades and educational qualifications of the lawyer give you a detailed idea about the expertise of the immigration lawyer. But this is just an indicator and not a cent percent truth.
  • It is best to research about the work experience of the lawyer. What he did as a lawyer is more important, even if he has graduated from a mediocre law school.
  • How do you find the services of the immigration lawyer and his team. 
  • Does he own a dedicated office with upgraded technology and Internet. Does he own a secured website? Do you find it easier to browse the website? Do you find the information on his website, well researched and with citation? A good lawyer will always give his best to keep all information on his website, updated.
  • Lawyers fee is certainly the most crucial factor. If he is charging you way too high or low (highly unlikely, isn't it?) then look for competitive prices by contacting a number of other lawyers in the same line of business. Don't pay too much, as there are many other talented lawyers whom you can hire. Search well!
  • Work experience of the lawyer is also one of the greatest determiners of success in this field. Immigration lawyers with years of experience in the field of immigration laws can help you immensely.
  • You must make sure that the immigration attorney has no track record of irregularities or complaints in the reputed State bar. Any complain in the state bar is a sign that the attorney has some problems in his business practice. And it is only in genuine cases that complaints against attorneys are considered in state bars, so you must examine this factor.
  • You can also rely on referrals of people close to you. It is always great to go through referrals, as you don't need market sources to question the ability of the lawyer.
  • Office of the attorney and the number of staff workers can also give you a great idea about his work.
Note: In matters of U.S. immigration, U.S.- licensed lawyers have the legal permission to represent clients. However, lawyers must possess also state licenses for the jurisdiction they are practicing law. It must be noted that a foreign lawyer, like a Canadian lawyer can represent clients in matters of US immigration but only after the permission of US immigration officer and only if, the immigration matter is geographically outside the United States. Generally speaking, the scope of a foreign lawyer representing his client in US immigration related matters is very limited.
By following the above tips on choosing an immigration lawyer while immigrating from and to USA, you can ensure that you are making a wise decision. More than the fee or the reputation of the attorney, you must ensure that the attorney will personally handle your case and give you sufficient time, so that you don't have to face problems in immigrating to your desired country.
Disclaimer: This Story is just for informational purposes and individuals must consult expert lawyers in immigration before taking any decision.