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How to Check the Status of an Immigration Case

People who want to migrate to the US for temporary or permanent reasons will find this story on how to check the status of immigration case very helpful. Government procedures can take a lot of time to get completed, but knowing some basic steps helps the applicant know his/her current case status...
Even with the bad effects of the economic recession, the US is still one of the most preferred destinations in the world. People all over the world come to this great land in search for their destiny; some for tourism purposes, some for business interests and others for academic needs.
The US is one of the most advanced countries in the world that more than 70,000 people visit daily. People who want to migrate to America for different purposes have to first give their credentials to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
The applicant's forms will then pass through a series of tests and if approved, then immigration is allowed.

How to Check the Status of Your Immigration Case

People who have applied for US immigration are provided with a case number for the application submitted to the USCIS. This case number is enough to check the status of the filed immigration case and how much time will it take for the final reply to come. Let's learn how to check the status of an immigration case.

Check Status of Case Online

With the help of the given case number, an applicant can check the status of the case online. People can go the USCIS website and check status by punching in the case number or opening an online account.
The website also provides the applicant an option to set up an auto update which will notify the applicant through email if any new action is taken with the case. This is the simplest method, but the applicants get very brief information, details cannot be seen.

Check via InfoPass

People who want to have a face to face conversation or want to clarify a doubt regarding the different procedures of immigration should go for InfoPass. This service gets the applicant an appointment with an immigration officer.
Through InfoPass people can have access to other information like FBI name check and various other case details which is not visible in the normal online check. However, all these details are shown at the discretion of the officer in the meeting, who at times may not reveal anything,but just have a verbal talk without revealing any documents.
To make the InfoPass appointment, the applicant has to first go to the website and type the ZIP code. The site will present various options and the applicant needs to select 'Need Information or Other Services' and click 'Continue' on the next screen.
On the new screen the applicant has to enter his/her personal information and then select the day and time of the appointment. Once the appointment has been confirmed, the applicant has to take a print of the confirmation copy and bring it along at the time of the appointment.

Check via Calling Service Center

If the applicant doesn't want to waste his/her time waiting in lines at the office of the USCIS, he/she can also call up the service center directly. The national customer service line number is (800) 375-5283, after calling this number the applicant will hear a list of options and he/she can choose the required one.
In some instances even after calling the USCIS representatives, applicants don't receive the required help. In such a case, asking a straightforward question is considered a better option. Assistance is available weekdays from 8 AM to 6 PM local time.

Placing a Congressional Inquiry

Sometimes applicants also write their immigration worries to the congressmen of their area. The FBI discourages this practice. The law enforcement agency clearly says that such inquires do not speed the process of immigration, in fact it slows the entire procedure down.
However, people who have been waiting for years together get in touch with their senators and this move is justified by many.

Using the FOIPA Request

If the applicant has waited for many months and years for the documents, then he/she can take advantage of the Freedom of Information Privacy Acts (FOIPA). This act forces the FBI to search out the name of the applicant and mail the result to him/her; people will receive a reply as soon as possible.

Ask the Sponsor

If the applicant is not in the country and he/she has not received a case number even after 60 days of document submission, the applicant should get in touch with his/her American sponsor. The sponsor can take the matter to the Representative of the Congress whose area of jurisdiction includes the pin-code of the sponsor.
The representative will submit a case status inquiry to USCIS and the applicant can expect a result as soon as possible.
I hope this information on how to check the status of an immigration case was resourceful. While speaking to the USCIS people on the phone it's advised to be polite and be patient with them. These people handle more than 10,000 applicants in a single day and pushing them to divert all their attention to one case may create a problem for the caller later.